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Friday Harbor, Orcas Island runners advance to state cross country championships

Four Friday Harbor and two Orcas Island cross-country runners will compete in the 5,000-meter Class 1B/2B State Championships Saturday, Nov. 4 at Sun Willows Golf Course  in Pasco.

Eighth-graders Flora Compton and Isabel Bashaw placed seventh and eighth among 49 female competitors at the Class 1B/2B Tri-District Meet at Fort Steilacoom Park on Oct. 26. Orcas Island senior August Moore finished 19th and narrowly missed qualifying for state.

Friday Harbor senior Noah Rovente crossed the finish line 10th of 81 male competitors and sophomore teammate Ash Hamlin was 19th. Orcas Island junior Finn Ontjes was 22nd and Viking sophomore Tom Malo was 25th. 

The island runners' Tri-District results are:


7. Flora Compton, eighth-grader, Friday Harbor (FH), 21:19.9

19. August Moore, senior, Orcas Island (OI), 23:26.2


10. Noah Rovente, senior, FH, 18:24.0

19. Ash Hamlin, sophomore, FH, 18:43.6

22. Finn Ontjes, junior, OI, 18:54.4

25. Tom Malo, sophomore, OI, 18:57.6

33. Harrison Edge, FH, 19:49.8

34. Alkinoos Provatas, senior, FH, 19:53.7

47. Walter Rovente, eighth, FH, 20:33.9

48. Nick Taylor, freshman, FH, 20:37.8

49. Will Stephens, senior, OI, 20:38.4

59. Drew Nunez, sixth-grader, OI, 21:58.6

60. Gabe Chapman, freshman, OI, 22:00.0

62. Robin Limbach, junior, OI, 22:08.2


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