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Friday Harbor girls basketball team wins one loses one at Crush the Slush

The Wolverine Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball team’s traveled to Port Townsend for the 12th Annual“ Crush in the Slush Basketball Tournament December 28-29. Eleven teams participated with each team playing just two games. Both teams came home with one win and one loss. 


Ava Hoffman lays the ball up for two points. John Stimpson photo

The Lady Wolverines played the Port Townsend Red Hawks on Friday and won 51-10.

On Saturday, December 29, the Lady Wolverines played the Battle Ground Tigers and lost 36-33.  All the games were non-league.



Darcy Ayers scrambles after a loose ball. John Stimpson photo


Leah Black brings the ball up court to begin play. John Stimpson photo


Tori Polda races to the basket for two points. John Stimpson photo


Bailee Lambright runs full speed toward the basket. John Stimpson photo


Rachel Starr and Fallon Taylor bring the ball up court. John Stimpson photo


Liz Cruz amidst defenders shoots for two points. John Stimpson photo

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