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Pilon wins half-marathon, Goodremont first in 11K

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210-03-26-2014Xiomara Pilon of North Bend, Deputy Felix Menjavar's sister, won the Run Ladies Run Half-Marathon Saturday, March 22. Pilon, the sister of San Juan County Deputy Felix Menjivar, completed the 13-mile course in one hour, 40 minutes and 55 seconds.

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Photos by Matt Pranger

San Juan Islanders finished second and third -- Irina Bell in 1:42:36 and Susan Stehn in 1:45:23.




rlr-2014-goodremontRachel Goodremont of San Juan finished first in the 11K in 49 minutes, 39 seconds. Manique Murray was second in 54:15 and Rachel Herd third in 55:39.

Photos by Matt Pranger

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