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Friday Harbor High School golfers prepared for District tourney by hosting 7 schools in Invitational

  • Written by Coach Jack Rice

The Eighth annual Friday Harbor Invitational hosted 52 golfers from seven different schools at the San Juan Golf Club on Friday May 5, 2023. Freshman Jack Hess posted a personal best score of 81 to tie for the medalist honors with senior Jaxon Perry from MVC. On a sudden death playoff on the first hole, Jaxon was able to win by one shot.

Freshman Jack Hess with his pre-tournament game face and Akira Tokunage about to play in her first tournament. You can tell he was out to win the FHI.

The FHI was created as a dress rehearsal for the District Tournament. This year’s district will be hosted at the famous Loomis Trail Golf club next week. Jack was disappointed he didn’t win medalist honors alone but he was reminded that next week he has a good chance to bring home the gold when it really counts.

Winners: 1st Livi Burton MVC, 2nd Lili Malo Orcas, 3rd Morgan Douglass

Sophomore Morgan Douglass posted a solid 116 to place 3rd in the lady’s division. Morgan was right behind winner Livi Burton from MVC at 103 and Lili Malo from La Conner with a 107. Both Livi and Lili are seniors and played in the state tournament last year.

To have even more fun, we offered a number of games for the players. We had closest to the pin on the par 3’s and long drive on hole 4 for both men and women. Friday Harbor’s Reese Tangney hammered a dive on 4 about 210 right down the middle to win the long drive contest for the ladies. I guess those afternoon workouts in the gym are really paying off!

After a beautiful week of spring weather, the rain returned. From the minute the first ball was struck until the last putt in the playoff, it didn’t stopped raining. I can’t say enough for the team’s attitude. Not one player came up to me and asked to quit or drop out because of the conditions. This is a great group of tough, young golfers!

Wednesday May 10, we head north to Loomis Trail, site of our District 1 Tournament to start our journey to the high school state tournament. The boys’ team will be made up of freshman Jack Hess, Junior Ryan Rautenberg, freshman Finn Graham, 8th grader Sam Herda and sophomore Fisher Goosman. Two 8th graders, Dylan Lawson and PJ Nixon will battle it out on Monday to see who wins the final seat in the van. This is a really young team with a lot of great golf left in their high school careers.

Reese Tangney after winning the Ladies Long Drive Contest. Just a little wet.

On the lady’s side, we will field four players this year. Sophomore Morgan Douglass will lead the team along with junior Reese Tangney, junior Janna Rajczi and 8th grader Akira Tokunaga.

My stock portfolio will attest to how bad I am at predicting the future but this is my best guess after seeing the level of play at our dress rehearsal in the FHI. I’d bet we move all six men and all four ladies to the next level of completion to the bi-District Tournament. As to who moves onto the big show, the state tournament, I’ll hold that prediction for a future date.

Friday Harbor High School is the only team in our league to host an 18-hole event. Tournaments like this don’t just happen. We couldn’t do it without my two assistants, Gordy Waite and Tim Clark.

Pizza party for 50 Hungry golfers after a wet day on the course

So many others to thank: SJ Club Ladies Golf Association and the SJ Golf and Tennis Foundation for sponsoring the pizza party after the event; Haleys for providing 15 great pizza’s to feed over 60 people; the Board and membership at the SJ Golf Club for allowing us to take over the golf course for a day; the maintenance crew for showcasing our great little golf course; Davan and crew at the golf club; Marcus King our new teaching Pro for bringing a real level of professionalism and class to our tournament; and all the unnamed helpers who jumped in to make this such a special day for over 50 young aspiring golfers.

A big thank you too all…. Coach Jack

Jack Hess Friday Harbor and Jaxon Perry MVC, Play off for 1st place

8th Grader Sam Herda playing in his first Friday Harbor Invitational

2023 Friday Harbor Invitational Final Results Men Results:

Friday Harbor Low 4 golfers: 375

Jack Hess 81 Tie for Medalist

Sam Herda 97

Ryan Rautenberg 98

Finn Graham 99

Fisher Goosman 104

PJ Nixon 117

Dylan Lawson 128

Mt Vernon Christian 352 1st Place Team

Jaxon Perry 81 Tie for Medalist

Billy DeJong 87

Owen Carlson 91

Andrew Stogner 93

Sean Russell 98

Graham Campbell 104

Charlie Swaney 106

Orcas 416

Tommy Anderson-Cleveland 85

Joshua Spinner 98

Tim Malo 110

Paxton White 123

Lopez Island 509

Uli Velazquez 114

Henry Robles 124

Deston Dupuis 129

Bryan Coro 142

La Conner 358

Gage Tenborg 84 3rd Place

Sammy Williams 87

Corran Elisen 88

Brooks Bushey 99

Jimbo Bobb 100

Tyler Cicotte 129

Grace Academy

Colton Leigh 101

Kyle Struiksma 105

Brodie Turner 117

Lummi Nation

Rayshawn Bob 52

Peyton Brockie 59

Ladies Results:

Friday Harbor Low 2 golfers: 240

Morgan Douglas 116 3rd Place

Akira Tokunaga 124

Reese Tangney 148

Mt Vernon Christian 229 1st Place Team

Livi Burton 103 Medalist

Alyssa Pringle 126

Orcas 232

Lili Malo 107 2nd Place

Vera Sasan 125

Nisha Woolworth 141

Lopez Island 253

Melissa Valencia 124

Mirabella Velo 129

Naeva Flora 136

La Conner 378

Hallie Walls 138

Natalee Koch 140

Grace Academy

Emily Hegnes 121