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Hess medalist at March 30 Friday Harbor vs Lummi golf match

Report from Friday Harbor High School Golf Coach Jack Rice about the Friday Harbor vs Lummi March 30, 2023 golf match at San Juan Golf Club. The Lummi Nation Golf Program has only existed for a couple seasons. Their players are getting better but are no competition for the Friday Harbor varsity.

Ryan Rautenberg

Jack Hess was medalist for the match with a fine score of 41. It’s only a matter of a few putts dropping and he will be breaking forty on a regular basis. Right behind him is Finn Grahman, another freshman who didn’t play his best, but still scored a 49. Coming in third was 8th grader Dylan Lawson with a 53.

We have three other 8th graders on the team this year, Sam Herda, PJ Nixon and Akira Tokunaga. With nine players in the 8th and 9th grade, the future of Friday Harbor Golf is very positive. The ladies golf team got the day off as the Lummi team has yet to put together a lady’s program.

- Coach Jack Rice 

Friday Harbor Men’s Team: Low 4 scores: 198

Jack Hess 41 Medalist

Finn Graham 49

Dylan Lawson 53

Ryan Rautenberg 55

Andy Quiroz 55

Fisher Goosman 56

Sam Herda 60

PJ Dixon 60

Atreyu Welty 65

Andrew Rezabek 66

Grayson Mathews 66

Lummi Men: Low 4 scores: 221

Peyton Brockie 53

Trevon Lee 53

Hunter Ballow 57

RayShaw Bob 58