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Fishing a bit spotty in the San Juans

  • Written by Kevin Klein

Kevin Klein sent in this report on fishing in Marine Area 7: Salmon fishing is in full swing for the summer right now in the San Juans. Chinook catching, however, has been somewhat spotty throughout Marine Area 7.

There are Pinks already showing up in big numbers, and that is very early compared to the norm. Sockeye are around as well. We’ve landed some nice Kings, but you really need to be at the right place at the right time.

Knowing the best spots to be on the correct tide is huge right now. That’s just knowledge you have to earn by putting the time in. Sure, you can look for the big crowds of boats, but personally, I want to catch fish where most folks ain’t.

Hopefully the Chinook catch rates will pick up this year…it’s still way early. The Silver Horde Tailwagger Spoons have been out producing everything else for us. Doesn’t matter the size of bait…that Tailwagger action is tough to beat. It seems like they will draw strikes in a both a candlefish or herring bite. Replace the stock mini squid skirt with a bigger one, and the action just gets better. Twerk on!

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