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Fishing not as hot as the weather

A fishing update from Kevin Klein: Most reports coming in from the Marine Area 7 opener are of slow fishing. Huge tide swings and a full moon are making it tough. The mid day tide change, and very early or late high water are going to be your best shot.

Too bad the fishing isn’t as “hot”, or “on fire” as the weather conditions. Man, do we just live in Malibu now or what?

I like a Silver Horde Squid on a Full Moon in July…and so do the Kings.

Vicki Klein put the Silver Horde Tailwagger in front of this Chinook on July 1st, and like usual, they can’t resist that action, Boss!

(Photo at top of page) Erol Turanciol banged out this 28lb Kang in tough fishing mid day on the San Juan’s opener. That’s a nice one to take home in July.

Photos by Kevin Klein

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