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FH Girls Soccer Fishaut awarded Coach of the Year; OI team Sportsmanship

Friday Harbor High School Girls Soccer team Coach Mark Fishaut is the Northwest 1A/2B Girls Soccer All-League Teams 2011 Coach of the Year. The Orcas Island High School girls soccer team earned the Sportsmanship Award. Eight Wolverines made the list and six Vikings.

Four of the Wolverines team are on the first team, three on the second and one the honororable mention list.The Vikings HS has three players are on the first team, one on the second team and two are on the honorable mention list.

COACH of the YEAR - Friday Harbor Coach Mark Fishaut


  • Lana Bronn - Orcas Island High School junior goalkeeper
  • Bailey Cunningham - LaConner HS senior defender
  • Sammie Mesman - LaConner HS junior defender
  • Larissa Nash - Friday Harbor HS senior defender
  • Ashley Kein - Orcas HS junior defender
  • Mandy Turnbull - Friday Harbor HS senior midfielder
  • Mickey Leytze - Friday Harbor HS senior midfielder
  • Ashlyn Reinstra - LaConner HS junior midfielder
  • Marissa Veldman - Orcas HS junior midfielder
  • Emily Guard - Friday Harbor HS sophomore forward
  • Kelsey Crawford - LaConner HS junior forward
  • Nikki Finley - LaConner HS senior forward


  • Rhiana Franklin - - Friday Harbor HS senior goalkeeper
  • Tessa Bruland - - Friday Harbor HS sophomore goalkeeper
  • Lydia Lenning - LaConner HS junior defender
  • Kirsten Fowler - Orcas HS junior defender
  • Elizabeth Taylor - Friday Harbor HS senior defender
  • Thea O'Brien - Concrete HS defender
  • Taylor Edwards - LaConner HS sophomore midfielder
  • Emily Bruland - LaConner HS senior midfielder
  • Madi Cavanaugh - LaConner HS sophomore midfielder
  • Audrey Olshefsky - Friday Harbor HS senior midfielder
  • Jessica Filtz - Concrete HS junior forward defender


  • Lonna Lloyd - Friday Harbor HS senior goalkeeper
  • Emma Brand - Friday Harbor HS sophomore
  • Libby Snow - Friday Harbor HS sophomore
  • Shelbi Rogers - Orcas HS sophomore
  • Alena Janssen - Orcas HS sophomore

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