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Slideshow: Orcas vs Friday Harbor State Championship game

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Friday Harbor soccer team trims Orcas, wins school’s 1st state championship in 30-plus years

  • Written by Matt Pranger
  • Published in Sports Photos

Friday Harbor High School trimmed Orcas Island High School 2-1 in the Class 1B/2B Boys State Soccer Final Saturday, Nov. 19. The Wolverines made history by taking home the first state champion trophy since 1986.

“Today we played the best soccer that Friday Harbor has probably ever played, and certainly the best soccer we as a team with these guys have ever played,” said Friday Harbor coach Brett Paul.

The island rivals didn’t score in the first on the Renton Memorial Stadium pitch. Early in the second half Friday Harbor senior Alden Carli headed in the first goal of the match on Zach Place's assist. “Zach made a well-placed cross that met Alden’s head,” Paul said. “It was a laser beam.”

Friday Harbor went up 2-0 after Conde Raggett booted home a quick pass from Jasper Williamson.

The Vikings dampened the Wolverine fans’ celebratory mood briefly after Ethan Moss scored but Friday Harbor’s defense prevented an equalizer.

“What a fun game,” Paul said. “They all played their hearts out. Each one I think about, it was their best game of the season. They all stepped up.”


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