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Roche Harbor Salmon Classic winner nets wife a memorable Valentine’s gift

Jason Squibb isn’t in trouble for fishing instead of spending Valentine’s Day with his wife Krista. The Bow resident hooked the winning chinook in the 2020 Roche Harbor Salmon Classic and will be bringing home $12,000 in winnings.

Jason Squibb, right, displays his king salmon that won the 2020 Roche Harbor Salmon Classic. His fishing partner Ryan Kies shows off the first-place trophy. Matt Pranger photo

Krista agreed Jason could compete in the 17th Annual Roche Harbor Classic provided any winnings would go toward a kitchen remodel. “My wife is going to be getting a new kitchen,” Squibb said before receiving a few bundles of cash, a first-place trophy and other swag Saturday, February 15 at Roche Harbor Resort.

Squibb hooked the winning 18-pound, 14-ounce king about noon Friday near the north side of Waldron Island. His wife’s Valentine’s gift nearly was a sweet treat for a furry angler, though.

“A seal was coming after it when I was reeling it,” Squibb said. “That was a very scary moment.”

Squibb’s fishing partner Ryan Kies made noise and “reached out with a net as far as he could” to land the fish before the seal made it a meal.

While thrilled about winning twelve thousand clams, Squibb was also honored to have his name added to the winner’s vest. “Those are some of best (fishers) in the region.”

The derby drew 345 anglers — including 25 women and three youth — on 100 boats. Roche Harbor Resort sponsored two Salmon for Soldiers boats and Paul McAbee — last year’s champion — sponsored another boat entry for veterans. Volunteers weighed 94 fish on Friday and 80 on Saturday for 174 total.

The winners are:

Jason Squibb, Bow 18.14 $12,000

Brent Malone, La Conner 18.60 $5,000

Scott Propst, Anacortes 15.12 $3,000

Jeff Grannum, Portland 14.90 $2,000

William Fisher, Mount Vernon 14.70

Mystery Fish — Nate Metcalf, Arlington 6.3 $2,000

Best Boat Total Weight — Duke Fisher and crew 60.2 $2,000

Valentine Fish (14th fish weighed Feb. 14) — Adam McCollum, Everson 12.8 $1,000

Youngest Angler — Jak McIsaac, Normandy Park

2021 Boat Entry (Sponsored by Roche Harbor Resort) — Jerry Surdyk, West Richland


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