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Slideshow: Wolverine fastpitch wins District Championship

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Friday Harbor beats Concrete, secures state berth - SLIDESHOW added

Saturday afternoon, Wolverine fastpitch coach Brian Lambright was worried the nightmare that disturbed his sleep the past week was coming true. In his nightmare, Concrete beat the Wolverines breaking the 15 victory record Friday Harbor has over them. Fortunately, the Friday Harbor girls banished the nightmare by preserving their one-run lead, winning the game and fulfilling their dream of going to state.

"It feels great," Lambright said.  

As the game reached the final innings, Friday Harbor fastpitch team, undefeated in league play, led by just one run. The fans, the team and the two coaches were holding their breath as Concrete had players on base. Cheers erupted as an outstanding play at home saved the game from becoming tied. (We'll have more details after Matt talks to the coach - Matt's out of town and my sports writing talent is pretty much non-existent - Sharon).


Orcas pitcher ties up the game with an out of the park homerun

The girls had beaten Orcas Vikings 19-5 in a game just half an hour earlier. team had beat La Conner 15 times in a row but was ahead by only one run in the District Championship Friday in Stanwood. The winner would go on to the state tourney, the losers would be finished for the season. 

(More photos will be added to the slideshow Sunday - once I figure out how to get them off the notebook.)


Wolverine Softball Roster

Coach Brian Lambright

1 Mili Holt 2B Jr.

2 Thea Seitz OF So.

3 Alexa Mora CF Sr.

4 Grace Pauls P So.

5 Lauren Ayers 2B Sr.

6 Molly Tagney OF Fr.

7 Emma Wickman P, 3B Sr.

8 Jayna Ott 1B, OF So.

9 Liz Cruz OF Fr.

10 Cady Wilson LF So.

11 Hannah Hopkins 1B Sr.

12 Hayden Mayer RF Sr.

13 Siri Lindstrom P So.

14 Baille Lambright 3B Fr.

15 Savannah Hoffman SS Jr.

20 Marcella Kirkland P Fr.

21 Jacqui Olsen C Fr.

22 Soma Andrews SS Fr.

23 Ava Hoffman


Vikings Roster

Coach: Jason Nichols

1 Katy Minnis SS Jr.

2 Kayleigh Horton OF So.

3 Journey Howden C Jr.

4 Charlie Bigbee OF So.

5 Ella Nelson 2B Jr.

7 Ariah Howard OF, P Fr.

8 Jessica Nichols 1B, P Jr.

10 Brittney Kern OF Jr.

11 Chela Scheckel-Mohler OF So.

13 Alyssa Johns P, OF So.

14 Destiny Wright OF, P Fr.

15 Phaedra Osborn 1B, 3B, OF So.

23 Bethany Hansen 3B Sr.


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