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Slideshow: Shakespeare Rocks! at SJCT

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Slideshow: SJCT Family Theatre: Playing with Shakespeare and British Humor Nov. 16-19

SJCT Family Theatre San Juan Community Theatre's next Family Theatre presentation is Shakespeare Rocks! written by Steve Titford and directed by Penelope Haskew. The play runs from Nov. 16-19.

“It’s fluffy and light,” said SJCT Family Theatre Youth and Program Director Penelope Haskew when describing her family theatre production for 2017. “There’s no deep themes or social messages. It’s about fun with Shakespeare!”

And, mixed up in that fun in Shakespeare Rocks! by Steve Titford, is a little history lesson about the life and times of the famous Bard and how he came ‘to be’. “The cast and audience will come away with a deeper appreciation of his history,” notes Penelope.

The play centers on Aubrey, The Rough Shakespeare Company's pretentious director, who obtains what appears to be William Shakespeare's lost diary. Along with Al, a down-to-earth assistant, the pair decide to embark on an exclusive adaption of the flamboyant bard's personal journal.

The featured songs are modern and full of energy, with a plot that is complete with puns and tongue and cheek humor—humor that definitely has a British twist to it (Penelope says look for the possible casting of a funny translator for the island audiences).


7 p.m. - Thursday* - Saturday, November 16-18</p> <p style="padding-left: 30px;">2 p.m. - Sunday November 19

Tickets -  Friday through Sunday: Adults/$17; Student Reserved/$9; Student Rush/$5 available at door only. 

*Thursday is "PAY WHAT YOU CAN NIGHT" (Donations at door)

Tickets   can be purchased online or at the box office


McKenna Clark

Sierra Fitts

Elian Bayas

Cole Curtis

Bryce Ridwan

Ava Martin

Josephine Lane

Sophia Ramirez

Alison Power

Mille Nibler

Violet Espinoza-Malone

Grace Eltinge

Isabella Ross

Vera Schoultz

Mila Jackson

Dylan Mughal

Jonny Huntemer

Myles Posenjak

Kate Curtis

Shelby Montana

Kieran Cochran

David Markham

Frankie Pignatiello

Jesus Garcia

Stella Ramirez

Vanessa Chambers

Natalie Miller

Lola Clark

Malia Choi

Georgia VanderYacht

Hazel Leighton

Phenix Thomas

Sailor Huntemer

Flora Garner

Ziya Johnson

Luca Pignatiello

Aaron Orozco

Kira Clark

Shaw Sandstrom

Rylend Merritt

Tasha Calverley

Atziry Orozco

Lila Horn

Isaiah Embler

Emerald Hurley

Atticus Bourne

Milo Martin

Parker Mason

Malia Warin

Conner Merritt

Jenni Merritt

Shane Merritt

Kris Bayas

Marcella Ramirez

Floyd Bourne

Pete Lane

Stacy Smith

Val Curtis

Rita Miller

Heather Christiansen

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