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Friday Harbor HS Drama "The Neverending Story" - January 2016

The power of books comes alive in the latest presentation from the Friday Harbor High School Drama Group. The Neverending Story tells the story of young and lonely Bastion who discovers a magical book that takes him on a huge adventure to the land of Fantastica—a land of stories being destroyed by “the Nothing.”

“Reading…and his imagination set him free in life,” said Director Jenni Merritt. Jenni says the movie that followed the book was one of her childhood favorites and that she’s eager to see younger generations experience the imaginative adventure.

Performance schedule

At 7:30 p.m. Thursday,January 21 through Saturday, January 23, 2016

At 2 p.m. Sunday, January 24


Adult $16

Student Reserved $8

Student RUSH (at door only) $5

The Neverending Story CAST

Alex McIntire - Bastian

Brian Fleming - Atreyu

Drake Waite - Gmork

Macalister Arendt - Artax

Madrona Jameson - Falkor

Eric Sable - The Bookseller/Baureo

Zach Fincher- Bastian's Father/Sassafranian Child #1

Joely Loucks- The Childlike Empress/Purple Buffalo #3

Essine Kilpatrick-Boe - Morla/Sassfranian Child #2/Mayestrel

Quinn Lacrampe- Elder/Sheerek

Keegan Hebert - The Caretaker/Troll/Lirr

Alison Cole - Urgl/Sassfranian Adult

Jillian Urbach - Purple Buffalo #1

Lucy Urbach - Purple Buffalo #2

Cole Hamilton - Bully #1

Jacob Kaden - Bully #2

Cilena Depue - Bully #3

Isabella Davis - Uyulala

Claudio Ochoa - Engywook

Ula Grace - Cairon

Emma Jean Carpentier - Maya

Adrienna Pew - Ygramul

Rachel May - Eribo

Tawan Shaller - Ensemble

Chloe Cunningham - Ensemble

Isabella Brown - Ensemble


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