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Law and Order: C-Rhyme and Pun-ishment - November 2014

Law and Order: C-Rhyme and Pun-ishment, written by Jane and Jim Jeffries with music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur and directed by Penelope Haskew , is onstage November 21-23 in the Whittier Theatre at San Juan Community Theatre. 

“In the nursery rhyme justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups….”

And so opens the latest production in the San Juan Community Theatre’s Family Theatre program.

This goofy musical spoof on the Law and Order television series features two detectives who have to figure out what happened to Humpty Dumpty when bits of shell are discovered scattered around at the foot of a wall. In the course of their investigation they interview Little Bo Peep, Georgie Porgie, the Sprats, a Little Old Woman who Lives in a Shoe and other familiar characters from Mother Goose.

“It’s chock full of some truly ridiculous puns which I expect both the cast and audience will enjoy,” said director Penelope Haskew. That cast will include both island youngsters in grades kindergarten through sixth grade as well as several adults (primarily parents).

Penelope adds veteran choreographer Lisa Duke has joined the crew to create jazzy numbers to go with the karaoke-style backing tracks. “I was very pleased that not only are the songs in this catchy, but the instrumental tracks are quite good—they sound like a full band.”

And with Penelope’s history of gathering young and older island talents to produce crowd-pleasing events for the entire family (this is Penelope’s 5th family theatre project), no doubt this Humpty Dumpty mystery will end up all it’s cracked up to be.  


7 p.m. Friday, November 21

7 p.m. Saturday, November 22

2 p.m. Sunday, November 23



Student Reserved/$8

Student RUSH (at door only) $5


Joshua May: Punnish Sir

Luke Fincher: Detective Green

Danielle McKay: Mare

Lucy Martin: Old Woman

Alison Power: Mary

Ava Martin: Perry

ElseDora Arendt: Teri

McKenna Clark: Gerri

Hannah Greene: Carrie

Atziry Orozco: Barry

Josephine Lane: Sherry

Cyrus Rollins: Larry

Sam Herda: Harry

Tyler Fleming: Englebert

Sidney Herda: Dr. Foster

Allison Fleming: Mary had a little Lamb

Hank Erickson: Georgie Porgie

Bryce Ridwan: Jack be Nimble

Cole Wilson: Little Boy Blue

Ava Smith: Beautiful Swan

Emilie Zimney: Little Bo Peep

Eleanor Rollins: Sal

Presley Clark: Mrs Sprat

Ryker Mattox: Jack Sprat

Satchel Bourne: Bailiff

Darcy Ayers: Judge Mental

Robin Taylor: Prosecutor

Aaron Orozco: Simple Simon

Jessica Procaccini: Defense Attorney

Ayla Ridwan: Mother Goose

Eve Hulse: Humpty Dumpty

Sierra Fitts: Dancer

Lucy Marinkovich: Dancer

Indigo Buck: Dancer

Brenna Crouse: Dancer

Siri Dow: Dancer

Ally Sandwith: Dancer

Morgan Oliver: Dancer

Meg Carrier: Dancer

Sofia Duke: Dancer

Isaiah Embler: Dancer

Fela Andrews: Dancer

Aiyana O'Prussack: Dancer

Betty Furber: Dancer

Isabella Rodriguez: Dancer

Emerald Hurley: Extra

Seanisti Richardson: Extra

Chloe Moore: Extra

Elsa Kindleberger: Extra

April Cain: Extra

Sage Penwell: Extra

Stephanie Mattox: Keystone Kop

Duvie Dow: Keystone Kop

Scott Dow: Keystone Kop

Tara Hulse: Keystone Kop

Wawan Ridwan: Keystone Kop

Maureen Marinkovich: Keystone Kop .

Danielle Kindleberger: Keystone Kop

Floyd Bourne: Keystone Kop

Brad Fincher: Keystone Kop

Amy Hull: Keystone Kop

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