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Racers flock to Zuchinni 500 at San Juan County Fair - MORE photos added

Competitors of all ages brought their custom-made Zucchini racers to the Skatepark at the San Juan County Fair Wednesday for the first of four days of racing. The annual competition has two divisions - one for stock, the other for custom. Stock is defined as a racer that's main component is a whole zucchini. In the custom category, just a bit of zucchini is required. 

Suzie Lefever, a legend of zucchini racing, captured her first blue ribbon this season during the stock competition of Zucchini 500 Wednesday, Aug. 17 at the San Juan County Fair. The races run at 5 p.m. every day of the Fair in the Skatepark.

All photos by Matt Pranger

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