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TedX San Juan Island a success

  • Written by Sharon Kivisto
  • Published in Event Photos

The first TedX San Juan Island wrapped up Sunday afternoon, September 20, 2015 after a dozen 20-minute presentations by leaders in their fields.  

Presenters included reporters, doctors, a futurist,  a nurse, an entrepreneur, a clown, an artist and scientists. Topics ranged from the plight of elephants in Africa to mental health to women in films. 

Just before lunch, audience members learned about CLIP 3-D printers that print in a matter of minutes without layers. And during the lunch break saw one in action at the Friday Harbor High School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) building. Teacher Derek Smith shared information about the classes - material engineering, robotics and more - that FHHS students are attending. Two SWITCH electric cars will be built in the new computerized auto shop. 

The presenters and their topics were: 

Anders Sorman-Nilsson: Seamless Transitions: Weaving Together the Digital and Analogue Worlds

Dorothy Echodu: Rethinking Africa's Approach to Malaria

Amy Herdy: Have You Ever Met a Monster

Kent Godfrey: How Can We Experience Music Without Sound

Adam Summers: Natural History: An Engine for Bioinspiration

Ian Boyden: Eradicate the Self Self-Portrait

Sam Wasser: Forensics, Organized Crime, and the Illegal Ivory Trade: The Elephant in the Room

Kathleen Bartholomew: Why Nurses Eat Their Young

Phil Borges: CRAZYWISE: A Tribal Approach to Mental Health

Alicia Malone: Let's Talk About: #GirlsinFilm

Stephen Robins: The Effect of Affect on Healthcare Innovation

Gretchen Krampf: Bringing It Home: Lessons on Community Engagement.

Brother for Sale, the local music group consisting of brothers Kai and Tashi Litch wrapped up the day with three songs and after a standing ovation came back for an encore. 

More information is available on TedX San Juan Island's Facebook page 

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