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Slideshow: March for LIfe in Friday Harbor - March 24

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March 24: Students lead March for Our Lives in Friday Harbor - SLIDESHOW and VIDEOS

More than 600 islanders joined Friday Harbor High School and Middle School students in the local March for Our Lives (VIDEO) Saturday, March 24, 2018. After brief remarks by Friday Harbor Mayor Farhad Ghatan, the students spoke about the need for an end to the gun violence.

Spear-headed by freshmen Ayla Ridwan and Emma Mughal, the march began at the County Courthouse with introductory remarks by Town of Friday Harbor Mayor Farhad Ghatan followed by brief presentations from a number of students. VIDEO posted at the bottom of this page.

The students, brightly clad in orange, lead the march past the middle and high schools, continued down Spring Street, up Second Street back to the San Juan County Courthouse. They gathered on the steps and chanted "Enough is Enough" as the rest of the marchers arrived.


Photos by Matt Pranger

League of Women Voters members set up a table to register voters. 

The organizers of this march, all San Juan Islanders, wish to thank Sherri and Richard Daly and Susan and Richard Grout for their support and sponsorship.


Pre-march presentations


Facebook, March for Our Lives Friday Harbor.



Town of Friday Harbor Mayor Farhad Ghatan, and Friday Harbor High School and Middle School students address the crowd prior to the March for Life in Friday Harbor Saturday, March 24, 2018.
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