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Slideshow: Island Lights Fest in Friday Harbor Dec. 3, 2021

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Friday Harbor Island Lights Fest: Carols, tree lighting, and Santa

Breaking with tradition, the weather cooperated for the Island Lights Fest in Friday Harbor and everyone stayed dry. Dozens of islanders gathered on Spring Street in front of Memorial Park.  Kira Sable led the crowd in singing familiar Christmas carols including "Here Comes Santa Claus". And right on cue, Santa showed up, counted down from five, and the lights on the two elms in Memorial Park glowed. Mrs. Claus handed out candy canes to excited children.   


Islanders headed up Spring Street past decorated store fronts on their way to Brickworks for refreshments and photos with Santa. 

Parents arranged their children for the traditional picture with Santa while the kids held props, Santa had brought with him. 


Photos by Sharon Kivisto and Matt Pranger


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