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Slideshow: Horse games at 2018 San Juan County Fair

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Name suggestions sought for Sheriff's new Orcas Island boat

The long-awaited brand-new Sheriff's Office boat for Orcas Island  arrived May 8, 2024. San Juan County Sheriff Marine Coordinators Sergeant Zac Reimer and Sergeant Bryce Peterson picked up the 33-ft Life Proof vessel with  twin Mercury 300s and delivered it to Orcas Island. 

 The boat has room to transport two patients on backboards with four to five EMS crew and two Sheriff Office operators. 

Sheriff Eric Peter says, if you have a suggestion for a name for the boat, post it on the Sheriff's Office Facebook page by the end of the day Sunday,  May 19. Please try to limit it to one per person.  A list of all the suggestions before narrowing it down and selecting a name.

Sheriff Peter thanks Marine Coordinators Sergeant Zac Reimer and Sergeant Bryce Peterson for doing such an amazing job with our boat fleet and getting our Deputies trained up on boat operations. I would also like to thank all of our EMS and Fire agencies for always being great partners and willing to respond on our boats with us to medical and search & rescue calls to the outer islands. We are grateful for your partnerships and appreciate y'all.

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Puyallup Tribe, Kenmore Air begin scenic flights to charming San Juan Island May 16

PUYALLUP RESERVATION, Tacoma, Wash.— The sun has returned and with the gorgeous weather so has the second season of Kenmore Air flights from the Puyallup Tribal Air Terminal. New routes that link South Sound destinations such as Emerald Queen Casino to beautiful San Juan Island, known for its iconic Pacific Northwest landscapes, begin May 16 from Ruston Way.

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Don’t Touch Bats: Tips to Prevent Rabies Exposure

San Juan County Health & Community Services wants to remind you of a few tips to make spring as enjoyable and healthy as possible. The bats are waking up, so here are some safety reminders as these nocturnal pollinators wake up from hibernation.

Don’t Touch Bats!

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