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Slideshow: "Noises Off" FHHS Drama Group Jan 2018

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Carols, Santa and Lots of Lights in Friday Harbor - 2015 - Slideshow

Crafts, skits, carols, lights, Santa and soup. This year's San Juan Island's Island Lights Festival Tree Lighting Ceremony in Friday Harbor was brimming with activities. 

Children gathered at The Whale Museum, created glittery ornaments and enjoyed delicious cookies and healthy snacks. Under the direction of the Friday Harbor Elementary School's Music Director Joshua Boland, children, parents and community members sang "Jingle Bells" and did their best with "Jingle Bell Rock".

After watching a skit, it was time to march down to Memorial Park for more carolling - with the FHES choir and the  Island Chordsman Plus led by Angel Michaels. After the carolling, Santa arrived and the trees lit up with thousands of lights.

Then is was onto Brickworks for chestnuts on the open fire, pictures by with Santa, crafts with Island Rec, the Animal Shelter Giving tree, cocoa, and  local harvest vegetable soup and  spiced, local apple cider and hot chocolate.

San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce partnered with Brickworks, the Whale Museum, Island Rec, Animal Protection Society and the San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild to present the festivities. 

SLIDESHOW photos by Matt Pranger and Sharon Kivisto

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