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Slideshow: April 23, 2022 Friday Harbor Car Show

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Slideshow posted, Winners listed for Car Show at San Juan County Fairgrounds

Friday Harbor High School junior Cody Balcomb-Bartok's community project - The Friday Harbor Car Show -  was a welcome event on a sunny afternoon on San Juan Island. Turnout indicates the community is ready to get back to a more normal life. 

Balcomb-Bartok (in photo with his Volkswagen Bug) organized the event to fulfill his community project graduation requirement. He's already working on another car show for 2023.

Slideshow photos by Matt Pranger; Winner photos courtesy of San Juan County Parks and Fairground

The winners were: 

JD Allen of Friday Harbor, won Best Custom car for his 1935 Chevy Coupe    


Gary Fischer of Roche Harbor, won Best Classic for his 1955 Chevy Nomad

Susan Mazzarella of Friday Harbor, won People’s Choice for her 1957 Ford T-Bird

Raymond Ploghoft of Friday Harbor, won Best in Show for his 1948 Chevy Truck 3100

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