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Slideshow: 2019 Global Climate Strike in Friday Harbor

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Video and Slideshow: Students in Friday Harbor join in global climate march

Students from Friday Harbor High School, Middle School and Spring Street International School left class, and gathered on the courthouse lawn at 10:30 a.m. Friday, September 20. They demonstrated their concern for the future of the planet by carrying signs and marching through town as part of the Global Climate Strike.   Video of Friday Harbor March.

While the march was not a school-sanctioned event, Friday Harbor High School Principal Fred Woods said the district believed it was an important event. In conversations with students, he talked about how standing up for a cause does come with conseuences. For example, an hourly employee would lose some pay for skipping work. 

The district won't be classifying any students who participated as truant or as an unexcused absence. However, the school district does have a rule that would be triggered by a student's absence. If you miss school, you can't participate in your team's sports practice the same day. 

Exactly how that applies if a student just misses a bit of the day is unclear. Woods said no one from the district is tracking the students down and he expects most of them will be attending their team's practice Friday. He noted the different team coaches have their own rules. 

Editor's Note: We're working on a slideshow, so check back later today.



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