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Slideshow: 2019 Friday Harbor High School Graduation

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61 graduate from Friday Harbor High School - SLIDESHOW and VIDEO

The 107th Friday Harbor High School graduation ceremony saw 61 students receive their diplomas. The Class of 2019 was known for its humor. The class slogan was a quote from the sitcom The Office. On senior prank day instead of skipping school the students camped in the hallways complete with tents and bird chirps on their smart phones.

While they may have been known for their sense of humor, many of them have plans to pursue careers in fields that will work to combat global warming. Some are planning medical careers including possibly working with Doctors Without Borders. Others are going into engineering or teaching. Some have their eyes on vocational careers such as diving. Many in the class were on the very successful sports teams, many of which made it into state competition.

It was a well-rounded, diverse set of students that were celebrated by the community Saturday, June 8, 2019. The majority had been together since Kindergarten. Jaclyn Maria Domenech and Maxwell Richard Mattow read the Class History. They listed when each student entered (and left) the school system. The students stood when their names were called. 

The students standing started kindergarten together at Friday Harbor Elementary School. 

ASB President Jayna Leigh Ott welcomed everyone, Co-Valedictorian Katherine Kulseth spoke about "The Recipe for Success".  Principal Fred Woods and Guidance Counselor Gordy Waite started the presentation of scholarships. Representatives of businesses and community organizations handed out numerous scholarships.  Co-Valedictorian Olivia Lucille Urbach gave her speech "In This Together". The slideshow by Payton Elizabeth Malloy had the crowd cheering.

Then it was time to confer the diplomas. Once the 61 students had walked across the stage, they stood in the mezzanine and threw their hats in celebration. Friends, family, community members and the new graduates emerged from the gym into the delightfully cooler air outside. There were hugs, congratulations, plenty of selfies and group photos. Refreshments were served in the Commons area. 

Once the initial celebration was done, the graduates climbed aboard the bus to head to the Grad Night Festivities. Horns honking, they drove through downtown Friday Harbor and took a few ceremonial turns around the roundabout. Then they were off to whatever their future holds.  

 EDITOR's NOTE: Not sure why the video is blurry. The copy I posted on Facebook is clear. It can be seen here.  - Sharon


Friday Harbor High School 2019 Graduation Ceremony
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