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Slideshow: 2019 Easter Egg Hunt at Roche Harbor

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SLIDESHOW: Sun, prizes, bunny and carrots at Roche Harbor Easter Egg Hunt

The sun was shining, the colorful dyed eggs were hidden in the gardens, the Easter Bunny and the Carrots on hand, and dozens of children were waiting at the rope lines. The annual Easter Egg Hunt at Roche Harbor Resort started promptly at 1 p.m. and it wasn't long before the first golden egg was found.

Georgia Vanderyacht won the jellybean jar and a $100 bill by guessing almost exactly the number of jellybeans. Photos by Sharon Kivisto

There are golden- and silver-colored eggs in each of the three gardens.

The lucky winners traded the shiny painted eggs for a stuffed animal and a basket full of toys.

The jellybean contest was a bit unusual. The number of jellybeans was 961. Georgia Vanderyacht guessed 960 and another contestant guessed 962. Vanderyacht took home the jar of jellybeans and a $100 bill. The other person wasn't there and so didn't pick up a $100 bill.

Ages infant to three years old:

Golden Egg: Xavier St. John of Friday Harbor

Silver Egg: Vera Johnson of Friday Harbor

Ages four to 6 years old:

Golden Egg: Ashlyn Vert of Friday Harbor

Silver Egg: Gabi Carrillo of Friday Harbor

Ages seven to 11 years old:

Golden Egg: Ruby Osborn of Dillon, Montana

Silver Egg: Mattie Nicholson of Bellevue


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