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Slideshow: Office Center Fire in Friday Harbor - Matt Pranger photos

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SLIDESHOW: RV catches fire then Office Center burns up in Friday Harbor

A potential buyer was trying to start up an RV that was parked next to the Office Center  on Spring Street in Friday Harbor, when the vehicle backfired and caught fire. According to San Juan Island Fire Chief Norvin Collins, the fire spread to the Office Center. A nearby propane tank fed the fire. 

San Juan Island Firefighters battle the blaze. Matt Pranger photo

This photo shows the RV on fire and the edge of the Office Center roof just beginning to burn. Christine Minney photo

View from near Ernie's Cafe at Friday Harbor airport. Photo by Christine Minney

One person suffered minor injuries and was taken to PIMC to be checked. One customer and an employee were in the store when the fire broke out. The owner grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to stop the fire while 9-1-1 was called. The owner's actions made it possible for cars parked nearby to be moved out of danger. 

View of back of building. Photo by Keith Richards

San Juan Island Fire Chief Norvin Collins directs firefighters. Matt Pranger photo

Foam was used to help extinguish the fire. Matt Pranger photo

View of the rear of the building. Matt Pranger photo

Office Center was located on Spring Street in Friday Harbor. Matt Pranger photo


  • Insurance Saturday, 09 March 2019 10:04 Comment Link Report

    Now the insurance liability part?
    What insurance comes into play?
    We have the building itself which is owner number one.
    We have the business itself with contents and business interruption which is owner number two.
    We have the RV owner and its possible auto policy coverage
    Was the transaction for the vehicle done before the fire or after?
    Who poured the gasoline down the carburetor and who turned the Key?

    Who is liable for the fire?

  • Declan Place Friday, 08 March 2019 07:57 Comment Link Report

    Much worse how?
    In that the building next to the RV didn't catch on fire and burn down.
    Oh wait it did! Even though there are 2 fire stations less than 1 minute away, each stocked with personel and over $1 million worth of tenders.
    Or much worse in the sense they they at least saved M&W and some cars.
    Office Supply Center I'm sorry for your loss.

  • Todd DeWoody Friday, 08 March 2019 06:47 Comment Link Report

    Well done San Juan Fire Department, glad to have your services available when there is a fire, this could have been so much worse!

  • CS Thursday, 07 March 2019 18:50 Comment Link Report

    Nice work Fire Dept! Really glad nobody was badly hurt...best wishes to the injured person and the owner!!!

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