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Slideshow: Opening Day - May 6, 2018

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37 entries competed in the 2018 Opening Day Boat parade - SLIDESHOW

“A Community Afloat” cruised by Spring Street landing in Friday Harbor Saturday, May 6, 2018 in the annual Opening Day Parade sponsored by the San Juan Island Yacht Club. More than three dozen boats participated carrying members of organizations that contribute to the health, beauty and resilience of San Juan Island home. Chris Guidotti, San Juan Area Manager of Washington State Parks was the Grand Marshall.


Best Overall: Rebozo and the Peace Island Medical Center Volunteers The Rebozo, skippered by Bill & Rebbie Bates, is joining us from Roche Harbor. She is a 48’ Offshore power boat. Rebozo and her crew are again honoring Peace Island Medical Center. Many of the people aboard are hospital doctors, administrators, nurses and their family members. Our uniforms and various medical devices have been provided by our hospital and from previous hospital stays from the crew. Posted by Bill Waxman

Most Creative: Vic-torious
As the 13 foot long Vic-torious prepares to celebrate Vic's Drive Inn's 60th year as a local favorite, our unofficial mascot Hammy takes to the sea with a Chef and Captain Brian Carlson on hand to spread community cheer while looking forward to the next 60 years. Photo by Bill Waxman

The parade marked the first public showing of the two Lummi travelling canoes built by Spring Street students under the supervision of a Lummi elder.

One of the two canoes built at the STEM building at FHHS. Matt Pranger photo 

Slideshow photos by Matt Pranger


2018 Opening Day Award Winners (Vessel / Organization | Skipper(s))

Best Overall:  Rebozo / Peace Island Volunteers | Bill & Rebbie Bates

Most Creative: Vic-torious / Vic’s Drive Inn |

Category Winners

Theme (11 entrants)

1. French Curve / San Juan Community Theatre | Luis Colasuonno & Hattie Hatch

2. Charisma /  Lions Club | Wally Gillette

Nautical (9 entrants)

1. Skagit Song / Flounder Bay YC | Bill Stinson

2. Key Lime Pie / Friday Harbor Power Squadron | Teddy Gosinski

Human Powered (2 entrants)

1. Xwachxeng & Malama Po’alima | Matthew Wickey

Commercial (12 entrants)

1. Sentinel / Fire & Sheriff’s Depts

2. R/V Centennial / Friday Harbor Labs | Craig Melvin

Classic (3 entrants)

1. Baten / Animal Protection Society | Carolyn Haugen

2. Peniel / All Aboard Sailing | David & Barbara Howitt  

Boats were judged on the following criteria:

Boat Handling — Maintains smooth, constant, approximate 3-4 knot speed and approximate 100-foot spacing behind boat ahead.


Theme Boats are judged on their creative interpretation of “A Community Afloat;”

Traditional/Nautical Boats are judged on their proper display of traditional signal flags;

Classic Wooden Boats are judged on their distinctive or restored condition;

Commercial Boats are judged on display of their “gear.”

Human Powered Craft are judged on their presentation and craft handling

Crew—Crew are judged on their costumes, uniforms, attire, theme-related antics, and precision of salutes.

Twenty-two local merchants contributed prizes for parade participants in a great show of community spirit:

King's Market


The Bean

China Pearl

Blue Water Grill

Ace Hardware

Island Studios

The Hemp Seed

Deer Hazel

Friday Harbor Chocolates

Haley's Sports Bar & Grill

Friday Harbor Pet Supplies

Nash Brothers

Cecil's Electronics & Photos

Crow's Nest

Golden Triangle

Pelindaba Lavender

San Juan Interiors

Market Chef


Cask & Schooner

Riptide Cafe

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