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Slideshow: Lions Shopping Spree 2017 at King's Market

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Lions Shopping Spree winner donates record $1,077 worth of groceries to food bank

  • Written by MATT PRANGER

Shahn McGuire plucked a record $1,076.95 worth of groceries at King’s Market Tuesday, Nov. 21 during the 2017 San Juan Lions Club Shopping Spree and donated all but four of the items to the Friday Harbor Food Bank. McGuire was thrilled about breaking the old record by more than $200 but was even more excited about honoring the memory of her grandfather Jerry McGuire.

“It’s my dream come true to race through the aisles of a grocery store and take off whatever I want from the shelves,” said the San Juan Island resident. “But what is really meaningful to me is that my grandfather was a Lion for 80 years. He took it very seriously. I’ve always supported the Lions Club and I’ve always bought the raffle tickets in honor of my grandfather.

Before the family counselor was informed Nov. 19 she won the Shopping Spree she already had a plan to pay respect to her relative who a major impact on her life.

“My grandfather’s life was devoted to service. He gave freely, he was very generous, he really devoted his life to caring for other people. So, this is a wonderful way to honor the legacy he gave me, which is to do something I love.”

Prior to her shopping trip McGuire called the food bank and asked what groceries were especially needed during the upcoming holiday season. “We talked about what kind of things would be of the most value as a kind of Christmas gift to the food bank clients,” said Food Bank board member Patricia Vannest.

McGuire and her shopping assistant and husband Dan O’Bryant then did their research before racing through the aisles. “We came last night and staked out the place and got our plan so we could concentrate on what the food bank (clients) needed rather than getting a bunch of stuff that they could normally get,” McGuire said.

“She did a really generous contribution to the holidays for our clients,” Vannest said. “We appreciate it. We are exceedingly grateful for her generosity.”

The Lions were also grateful to islanders this year: The club took in a record $3,003 from raffle ticket sales. Subtract the groceries McGuire pulled, factor in a much-appreciated discount from King’s, and the club is extra thankful.

“After all we have to deduct, we’ll still make about $2,000,” said Jim Carroll, chairperson of the fundraiser. “One hundred percent goes towards scholarships.”

Photos by Matt Pranger

McGuire was nearly as generous with her winnings but she deservedly kept some top-shelf chocolate as a holiday treat. “The Lions let us cheat a little bit and get more than four of an item, but my four chocolate bars are legitimate,” she said with a grin.


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  • Suzanne Bryner Thursday, 23 November 2017 09:03 Comment Link Report

    Shahn is the very best! This is so great!

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