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Slideshow: 2017 Friday Harbor Festival of Lights

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A cold but festive Island Lights Festival in Friday Harbor: slideshow added

The annual Island Lights Festival took place this year on Friday, December 1 in Friday Harbor. The San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce  partnered with Brickworks, the Whale Museum, Island Rec and the San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild to provide a fun-filled evening for the whole family.

Festivities will begin with holiday treats and crafts at the Whale Museum from 3:30-5 p.m. Then everyone will walk down to Memorial Park for the rest of the festivities.

Hot chocolate and cookies were provided by the Riptide Café. The Island Chordsman Plus, led by Angel Michaels, sang Christmas carols while everyone gathered in front of Memorial Park on Spring Street for the tree lighting. They were joined by the Elementary School Choir, led by Steve Moore.

Santa Claus arrived and listened to plenty of wishes after he turned on the tree lights. Then everyone headed to Brickworks, where warmth, arts and crafts from Island Rec, opportunity to have Mark Gardner take your photo with Santa awaited.  

The San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild served up local harvest soups and bread, mac & cheese, along with spiced local apple cider.


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