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Slideshow: Hill of Thrills 2017

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Creative contraptions zip down Grover Street (winners added)

Twenty-four drivers, ages 5 to retired, entered their homemade racers in Island Rec's second annual Hill of Thrills Soap Box Race Sunday, May 21, 2017. Hill of Thrills Soap Box race is a classic old fashioned ‘gravity’ race where people race their homemade non-motorized contraptions down Grover Street by the elementary school. 

Winners are:

5-8 year old

  1. Ben Baisch
  2. Lyla Ovenell
  3. Kate & Mac Douglass
  4. Porter PJ Nixon

9-12 year old

  1. Billy Mountford
  2. Patrick Wagner
  3. Oliver McEwan
  4. Natalie Morton


  1. Jeff Gull
  2. Michael Seibert
  3. Steve Dyer
  4. Robert Benedict

Kevin Roth lived up to his reputation and entered a quirky contraption complete with propeller - which wasn't motorized.

Casey Baisch after a couple of good runs had his car spin out due to a steering glitch.  He got plenty of advice on what to do differently next year. 

Emcee Scott Bell was kept busy making sure the track was clear before the wooden gate was dropped and the cars moved down the hill. 

San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs measured the speed with a radar gun. Top speed was 23 miles per hour. Next year, he'll bring the radar trailer which has a screen showing the speed. 

Long-time islanders Suzie Lefever and Scott Benedict competed. Nate Benedict was also racing down the hill. 

There was one derby entry made from an official kit. The driver racked up victories as she zipped across the finish line. 

We'll post the winners this week after we get in touch with Island Rec staff. 

Photos by Sharon Kivisto



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