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Slideshow: 2017 Fly in at Friday Harbor Airport

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Big day at the FH airport - 2017 Fly in

Friday Harbor Airport Fly-In, a celebration of Wings and Wheels, took place Saturday, August 26, 2017. Vintage and experimental aircraft, motorcycles and fly-bys, exhibits, open hangars, demos and food will keep the family entertained for the day.

This event was sponsored in part by Kenmore Air and Kenmore Aero Services. Attendees were able to get inside a nine-passenger Cessna Caravan, meet Kenmore pilots and enter a drawing to win Seattle Scenic Seaplane Tour for two.

New this year were in inclusion of vintage, custom and road race motorcycles plus select luxury cars on display. Skagit Powersports display included land-speed record holding motorcycles and Alta Motors will participate with a variety of bikes including new electric motorcycles and exciting demonstrations.

Photos by Matt Pranger

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