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Slideshow: 2017 Easter Egg Hunt at Roche Harbor Resort

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Eggs, jellybeans, Bunny and Carrots at Roche Harbor Sunday

Dozens of children scampered through the gardens at Roche Harbor gathering colorful eggs Sunday, April 16, 2017 during the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The six lucky participants who found the gold- and silver-colored eggs, redeemed them for a large stuffed animal and a basket of their choice.


Ages infant to three years old

Golden Egg: Emilia Garcia of Friday Harbor 

Silver Egg: Jocelyn Peinado of Friday Harbor

Ages four to 6 years old

Golden Egg: Evelyn Relanga of Friday Harbor 

Silver Egg: Kira Wilson of Friday Harbor

Ages seven to 11 years old

Golden Egg: Drake Hambidge of Kirkland 

Silver Egg: Eric Corbin of Friday Harbor


A Canadian boy almost lost out on collecting his prize after accurately guessing there were 575 jellybeans in the jar. The winner had to be present. A family member found him and he came running up in time to collect the jar with the jellybeans and a $100 bill inside. Brent Snow, emcee and Executive Director of Roche Harbor Resort, quipped the $100 was worth $300 in Canadian dollars.

Photos by Sharon Kivisto

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