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CWR launches campaign to purchase new research vessel

Focusing on the birth of two new L-pod calves

From The Center for Whale Research: This year, we welcomed the birth of two new L-pod calves — L126 and L127.

New calves: L126 and L127 Photo from Dave Ellifrit, Orca Survey Lead

L127 is L94 “Calypso’s” third calf, while L126 has made L119 “Joy” a first-time mom.

In a critically endangered population such as the southern residents, all new births are a reason to celebrate. The CWR will continue to monitor the new calves, as well as the rest of the population, in subsequent ORCA SURVEY and UAV encounters.

Our late CWR founder, Ken Balcomb, began ORCA SURVEY in 1976 as a long-term study that would last (at least) an orca’s lifespan — to monitor long-term population and individual health, assess recovery, and push for conservation. 47 years later we’re about halfway through, and we would not be able to continue his work without generous donations from people like you.

Read more about the CWR’s first encounter with the new calves here.

Fundraising Campaign

CWR has launched a fundraising campaign in order to purchase a new research vessel. It will replace the current vessel that is 41-years-old and incapable of going the longer distances now required to study the whales. 

CWR’s new 23’ LIFE PROOF research vessel is on order (Read: New vessel will open up new opportunities for Center for Whale Research fieldwork).

Your financial support ensures that our ORCA SURVEY and Aerial Observation Study research continues, helps us provide public education about the iconic orcas through the ORCA SURVEY Outreach & Education Center and WhaleResearch.com, and allows us to invest in ecosystem conservation like Balcomb BIG SALMON Ranch vital to the survival of all inhabitants of the Salish Sea. 

More information about the campaign and how you can donate is online:  https://www.whaleresearch.com/supportcwr


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