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New record in Lions Shopping Spree

Rikki Swin buys $100 of Shopping Spree raffle tickets from Friday Harbor Lions Club members each year. This year she had the winning ticket and it really paid off. In four minutes on November 24, 2015, Swin scooped up $892.62 worth of groceries at King's Market.

(Left to right) Darvis Taylor, Bob Williams and Rikki Swin relax next to some of the $898.62 worth of groceries.  Photo by Sharon Kivisto

The Shopping Spree is a fundraiser for scholarships awarded by the Lions to local high school students. Four names are drawn, with three winning turkeys and one winning the spree. This year's turkey winners donated their prizes to the Friday Harbor Food Bank.

During her spree Swin picked up dozens of cans of food, which she is donating to the Food Bank.

Slideshow photos by Sharon Kivisto and Matt Pranger

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