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Day in the Life Series: Fox and kits at American Camp by Brad Pillow

Mom coming home with a rabbit (sharing size). Brad Pillow photo

Getting closer to the den. Brad Pillow photo

 This kit spots mom approaching. Brad Pillow photo


The first kit to reach mom gets the prize ‘til he’s full. Brad Pillow photo

The grey kit gets her turn. Brad Pillow photo

The two kits play while mom finishes off dinner. Brad Pillow photo

Mom catches a smaller rabbit that will feed one kit. She'll head out to catch another for her second kit.

Photo series by Brad Pillow

Taken on the Beach Trail at the prairie at American Camp at San Juan Island National Historical Park.

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  • Lorie Narum Friday, 01 July 2022 08:04 Comment Link Report

    Wonderful series and I appreciate that Brad stays on trails and helps protect the prairie and the wild life while capturing these awesome photos.

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