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The Truth about Navy Electronic Warfare Training

NAVAL AIR STATION WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. – The Navy has clearly and consistently explained that the introduction of mobile and fixed transmitters to enhance already-occurring training will not harm people, animals, or the environment. The following information is provided to explain the facts and counter false information that has been spread regarding the Navy’s training plans.

The Navy’s purpose in using the transmitters under existing military training airspace in Washington is to provide more realistic, effective, and efficient training for aircrew so they are ready to address the threats in the world today.

The training enhancements will not change the way the Navy currently flies in the skies over Washington. America’s Electronic Warfare (EW) mission aircraft have been based and operated in the Northwest for many decades and this will continue in the future. Many people have been unaware of our presence and likely won’t notice the minor enhancements made on the ground.

Since there will be no change in the way the Navy flies in the training airspace over Washington, there will be no change in noise as a result of these enhancements on the ground. Some individuals and groups have incorrectly suggested that the Navy’s electronic signal transmissions pose a threat to people or the environment. These same signals are a part of our modern society and are all around us every day. The Navy has many years of experience building and operating signal equipment and complies with industry standards and government regulations pertaining to the operation of this type of equipment. The frequencies of the Navy’s signal equipment are similar to cellular phones and Bluetooth technology, and the power output of its transmitters is comparable to that of a TV news van or navigation radars found on many recreational boats. Moreover, the Navy’s intermittent transmissions will only occur for short periods of time at irregular intervals. To provide some context, there are already numerous permanent commercial systems (weather and air traffic control radars, cellular towers and radio/TV broadcast antenna) all over Washington State, including the Olympic Peninsula, which have much higher power outputs and transmit continuously.

The training conducted in the skies over Washington provides our nation with the essential capability to counter the threats from those wishing to do us harm. This training enables our aircrews to protect and save American lives. The young men and women who volunteered to serve our great nation deserve the very best equipment and training this country can provide.

I encourage you to review the facts and detailed information on this training online at the following link: www.cnic.navy.mil/regions/cnrnw/installations/nas_whidbey_island/om/environmental_support.html.

Please contact the Navy at (360) 257-2286 or whdb_naswi_pao@navy.mil if you have questions about how we train and operate in the Pacific Northwest. We are happy to answer questions and encourage folks to learn the facts.

Capt. Mike Nortier

Commanding Officer NAS Whidbey Island