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Support Jenny Rice: Wear green and attend Friday's hearing

We would like everyone to show that we’re in “Solidarity with Jenny” by wearing green, politely arriving 15 minutes before and peacefully attending the 1:30 pm hearing on Friday, February 27 in San Juan County Superior Court.


This will mean a lot to Jenny Rice and will show everyone in the courtroom that we support the tradition of sustainable Farming and Agriculture in San Juan County and recognize that this legal case poses a threat to the economic potential that sustainable Farming and Agriculture suggests to our local economy.

Sustainable Farming and Agriculture businesses can:

* Create jobs that pay a living wage – in growing, processing and retailing (e.g. restaurants.)

* Feed the local economy by keeping money here.

* Strengthen the local economy with products that can be sold beyond San Juan County.

* Provide us with healthy fresh food that is grown locally in an environmentally friendly way.

• Generate more tax revenue that can raise the quality of life for county residents.

While we cannot control all of the legal technicalities surrounding the case, we want to represent the potential economic and quality of life impacts to local and sustainable Farming and Agriculture that this case represents.

Ultimately we want to move away from reacting to these issues as they come up and proactively define what our Farming and Agriculture future should look like, but this is an opportunity to understand what inaction means.

Instead of a vibrant growing economy where people can earn a living wage engaging in a variety of professions, we could continue heading down the path of creating a future where the Farming and Agriculture economy is stalled, the options for living wage work remain limited, and the real estate in the county will have well groomed bucolic picturesque farming views of a bygone era.

Let's show everyone that we are in "Solidarity with Jenny" by wearing green and appearing at the Superior Courtroom (350 Court St, 7) in the Courthouse on San Juan Island, Friday February 27, 2015 at 1:15 pm 15 minutes before the hearing which begins at 1:30pm.

From there we will go together into the courtroom and politely take our seats in peaceful support of her case. By peacefully adopting the 'high ground’ in this manner, we will show everyone that we're in this together for the long haul.

Lisa Lawrence