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Wilsons: Important to renew school levy in February 13 election

  • Written by Bob & Shannon Wilson

We would like to encourage you, as neighbors and friends, to vote YES for our children, our schools and our community in the upcoming election on February 13th.

This year, more than ever, with increased costs, it is important that we vote to renew this levy.  We believe our community benefits by taking good care of our schools whether or not you have children of school age. Our school facilities are utilized by the pubic almost every day, year-round, beyond the use by our local students. 

Strong schools create a solid foundation upon which great communities are built. We take pride in our community and hope to keep our schools a place to be proud of.  For more information, log onto https://voteyesforsjischools.weebly.com/

Please join us and vote YES to renew the Capital and Technology levy on February 13th.

Bob & Shannon Wilson