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Knott: Support for Hertel, Respect for Goodheart

  • Written by Jason Knott

What a strange title to begin an endorsement!

My wife and I own Essential Sailing at Jensen’s shipyard, the primary port vendor at the critical and iconic location. Greg Hertel is an experienced member of the port community, a daily worker at the port and a forward thinking candidate. Mr. Goodheart has came to the shipyard and spoke with us, he has listened to our issues, he has spoken well of Greg Hertel and I have genuine respect for him.

After a good deal of learning, Mr. Goodheart would do an adequate job. We are not in a time where adequate is going to cut it. Greg Hertel is experienced, the port is a complex regulatory environment that requires years to learn, to find the regulatory borders of ideas before they are implemtmented.

Hertel owns an operates a business at the port, I think it is important and effective to have a voice on the commission from the working waterfront. I am voting pragmatically for Greg Hertel.

Jason Knott