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Rader: Vote for Goodhart for Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner

  • Written by Meaghan & Brian Rader

Dear Editor,

We are writing in support of Rich Goodhart running for Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner.  We have had the pleasure of knowing Rich, and his fabulously more wonderful wife Alayne, since 2007.  At that time, we were all living in the winter moorage slips on G-Dock at the Port of Friday Harbor. 

Rich was living, with Alayne, on a beautiful 35’ aluminum sloop that he built.  Every aspect of that boat was well thought out in advance with an amazing eye for detail.  This followed Rich’s career as a pilot.  He has been a bush pilot in Alaska, then later as the corporate pilot for a global company flying all over the world! 

Honestly.  What more could we hope for in a Port Commissioner? 

He has cruised extensively in boats.  Rich built a career flying people all over the world.  Honestly… could you imagine a more perfect candidate for this position? 

Extensive experience building, maintaining and operating boats. 

Extensive experience as a commercial pilot. 

Add to that, a wonderful & loving person that we are both proud to call one of our most favorite people in the world!

Please join us in this, one of the easiest votes… Rich Goodhart for Friday Harbor Port Commissioner!!!

Meaghan & Brian Rader