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Guest Column: Remaining Rooted: A Sense of Place

When we’re faced with uncertainty, we seek a sense of rootedness. How do we ground ourselves? We might ask, “What is it that gives me a sense of place?” For some, it’s the sweeping views of the Olympic Mountains beyond a driftwood-strewn South Beach or the reassuring presence of an old-growth tree in Moran Park. For others, it’s familiar faces in a favorite coffee shop or the joy of watching or participating in a local theater production.

Today is 75th Anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz death camp

January 27, 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the last few thousand souls at the death camp at Auschwitz. In these uncertain times in which we are radically divided and democracy itself is imperiled we must reflect what hatred, dogma, and even worse, indifference to those seemingly not like ourselves can do. Paraphrasing the late mathematician and philosopher Jacob Bronowski (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltjI3BXKBgY) :

MacLeod: Ballot measure not the same as the petition signed by voters

Last fall, a group of Shaw Islanders grew concerned when word circulated that the longtime owners of the Shaw General Store were putting it, and adjacent properties, including the Shaw post office, up for sale. When no one stepped forward to buy it, they began looking for a way to raise property taxes to fund the purchase.

Guest Column: Carol Whalen beats meningitis. Thank you, community!

Hello everyone,

This is the post our family has prayed we'd be able to write since Tuesday, July 9, 2019 -- an unbelievable 62 days ago. Our beautiful Rockstar Mom BEAT MENINGITIS AND IS COMING HOME!!! We are bringing her unparalleled smile and gorgeous spirit back to Friday Harbor later this week. She has missed our island home and all of you so much.

That's A Wrap

Guest Column: In Service to our Community’s Seniors

The District Committee of the Mullis Community Senior Center has worked through many challenges over the past few months and confronted concerns in our Friday Harbor community. We have come to better understand the perspectives of those we serve and have reinstated all Use Privileges to the four islanders who were cited for non-compliance with the established Mullis Center’s Code of Conduct.

Guest Column: Why didn't San Juan County Council members select Lytton to replace Ranker

Last Tuesday Feb. 5th our representatives threw away a golden chance to appoint a strong strategic advocate for San Juan County. The San Juan County Council voted unanimously to appoint a State Senator who was not their constituents first choice nor the local Democratic party's first choice. Unfortunately, the way the final vote was made in addition to some allegations still in the process of being corroborated that the suprising outcome of the appointment process was known to at least one public official ahead of time, has sparked concern that the Open Meetings Act was violated by a number of councilors. Since the vote in favor was 2 from Skagit, .6 from Whatcom and 3 from San Juan County, that means our county councilmen were the deciding votes. We need to take this very seriously.

Guest Column by Jim Corenman: How you can influence decisions about future of WSF

Washington State Ferries recently released the draft for their Long Range Plan looking out the next two decades to 2040. This has been a long time in the making, including meetings over the last year and public outreach by WSF this spring. The draft plan is now open for comment, and the final draft will be complete and presented to the state legislature in January. The next month is the time to for serious attention.

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