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Guest Column by outgoing San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs

To the citizens of San Juan County, It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your Sheriff. During my time as Sheriff, we accomplished so much together. We implemented a new 9-1-1 radio and telephone system. We put our marine unit back to work successfully rescuing and transporting hundreds of sick and injured people from all areas of our county during some of the worst weather when no other transport was available.

We began the unprecedented process of seeking state accreditation for the Sheriff’s Office and are currently only a few weeks away from meeting all requirements. We put a sergeant on each island which has provided better supervision and service. We utilized Lexipol to create San Juan County specific policies which dramatically improved our organization’s overall performance and professionalism.

I instituted a policy that all my command staff as well as field training officers would attend the FBI LEEDA leadership courses. As a result, our leaders were equipped with tools to better serve the citizens of San Juan County. I formed some incredible relationships that I hope will last and serve the Sheriff’s Office and San Juan County for years to come.

Above all, the thing I am proudest of during this time, is our amazing team at the Sheriff’s Office. I am so very thankful for having been in a position to recruit and hire some of the most talented and dedicated people we now have on our team. I have the utmost respect for the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office and sincerely consider myself most fortunate and privileged to have served them as Sheriff for the past eight years. I want to thank them for the excellent job they have done and continue to do every day. It is due to their quality of character and dedication that I am confident that the Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide the high level of service you have all come to know and expect.

Lastly to the citizens of San Juan County, who I consider to be my family. I have always taken my job, my duties, and my responsibilities seriously and personally. Serving my community has always been first and foremost in my heart. I look forward to returning to the Sheriff’s Office and continuing to do what I have always loved, serving my community and family.

I want to sincerely thank everyone for the support you have all given me and my family as well as the great men and women in the Sheriff’s Office.

I have truly been blessed.

Ron Krebs, San Juan County Sheriff


Guest Column signed by 31 citizens: These are reasons to elect Eric Peter as Sheriff

Because we care about our community, we are voting for Eric Peter for sheriff. These are some of the reasons we have decided to vote for Eric. While the other side is spreading false rumors about Eric, Eric rises above that and focuses instead on what he plans to do to improve the sheriff’s department.

While Eric’s political signs are being stolen with seemingly little investigation by the sheriff’s office, Eric stays focused on getting out there to meet folks and let them know who he is.

Guest Column by Alex MacLeod: Why doesn't council demand solutions from WSF

According to Washington State Ferries, fewer than half of all ferry sailings in the San Juans through July have departed on time. The exact number is 44.1%.

Late sailings have become so standard that the measure WSF uses to determine “late” — leaving the dock more than 10 minutes behind the posted departure — we have come to consider something of a miracle. We’re much more used to sailings being 30 to 90 minutes late, sometimes longer.

Alex MacLeod: WSF service a mess, County Council needs to step up

I don’t know about you, but it sure seems like ferry service in the islands just keeps getting worse. That’s also the assessment of Jim Corenman, the longtime chair of the county’s Ferry Advisory Committee (FAC), who summarized it in a note to me recently “as bad as I’ve ever seen it and almost certain to get worse.”

Guest Column: Visitor's view of stereotyped photographers

Recently, we were guests on your beautiful island. As a senior citizen and a novice photographer, we enjoyed the beauty of your island. We reside on a nearby island. However, we were also treated to some hostility by some well meaning, "locals". I would like to point out that not ALL of the photographers who visit the island violate the wildlife regulations.

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