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Guest Column by Leslie Brennan: Questions the value of WSF's demographic sutvey

I have no idea what difference it makes to Washington State Ferry, anything about the diversity of our communities are or why it matters at all about the demographics.

Maybe I’m being way to simplistic in thought, but there are many people who live on the islands for a variety of different reasons. There are those who have moved here recently, to those who were born here. Why does it matter? How will it show any connection with the horrible way in which the ferries have been performing?

Guest Column by Justin Paulsen: Why I'll be voting No on Orcas Island Fire District levy

The staff and volunteers of Orcas Fire and Rescue have been responsible for providing invaluable medical and emergency services for myself and my family multiple times in my over 20 years living on Orcas Island. Our dedicated Fire Commissioners give hundreds of hours of time to our community in what is a relatively thankless job – especially in the current political climate. To a person, every one of them deserves our community’s thanks and appreciation. That said, I will be voting NO on the upcoming Fire District Levy. Clearly, the Fire District needs a radical increase in funding, but this levy is about far more than just a “tax rate”; It’s about Trust, Structure and Flexibility.

Daniel Thieme: Open letter to San Juan County Council Chair Wolf about Killebrew Lake Rd closure

Open Letter to Councilperson Cindy Wolf - June 5, 2023

Dear Councilperson Wolf:

I am writing to request a phone discussion, as soon as possible, between you and the Board of Directors of the Harney View Park and Road Association, to discuss the need for a traffic bypass for the planned two-to-three-month closure of Killebrew Lake Road, between the Orcas ferry terminal and all points east of the ferry terminal.

Guest Column by Forsyth: Zystra Trail Is Path to Chaos

To animals, their space is their whole environment which extends well beyond artificial, human property lines. Resulting daily incursion of innocent petting zoo mentality will disrupt herd reproduction, milk production and eventually loss of farming activity. Trail users will, unknowingly, end up destroying what they came to see.

Unaware visitors making superficial decisions scare farmers. Some years ago, an island farmer near Bailer Hill and False Bay roads incurred a massive legal expense when a visitor turned in the farmer for animal neglect because it was in need of hoof trimming due to circumstances beyond the farmer’s control. Concern of several farmers is to sell now so to avoid their potential of financially destructing legal expense.

Maureen See: San Juan Island Fire & Rescue District is in crisis

Maureen See of San Juan Island read this statement during the public comment period at the April 13 (rescheduled from April 11) Fire Commission Board meeting.

I am here because I considered running for the Fire Commissioner seat to be vacated by Albert Olson. I was encouraged by Albert to run for his seat. I met with both Frank Cardinale and Dwight Colley last year while exploring the role of the Commissioners and their relationship to the department. Both Frank and Albert agreed that a woman’s perspective would be a good thing for the Fire Commission.

Guest Column: PADS for Parkinson's of San Juan Island thanks SJICF

PADs for Parkinson’s of San Juan Island would like to acknowledge and express our heartfelt thanks to the San Juan Island Community Foundation for granting the funds necessary for PADs to submit seven years of research for scientific publication. You are ensuring that the work of this ground-breaking program will become a solid stepping stone on the path to end Parkinson’s Disease.

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Update from San Juan Island School District Superintendent

Dear Friday Harbor community,

On Wednesday, March 1, the San Juan Public Schools Foundation held the annual Knowledge Bowl at the San Juan Community Theatre. The audience loved watching teams vie for the coveted “goblet of knowledge” trophy, and over $5,000 was raised for much needed supplies for staff and students at our schools. As the superintendent, I am extremely appreciative of all that this organization does to support education.

Ingrid Gabriel: Li’l Pappy

Feb 27, 2023 - These days, I go to bed with an air hose sticking out of the top of my head courtesy of my new best friend. Li’l Pappy is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine whose presence allows me to sleep somewhere within a social group (think campsite or hotel room or small principality) without meeting resentful stares and bleary-eyed companions the following morning.

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