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4th of July Parade: Storybook Heroes

Everybody loves a parade.

Except when they don’t. You may remember last year’s parade was a little traumatic for our community, when a young girl carrying the Library’s banner fell to the pavement and we all feared the worst. Fortunately, thanks to quick action by some extraordinarily Good Samaritans, she wasn’t badly injured.

Everybody loves a hero

Bless her heart, that girl, Jessica Procaccini, wants to move on from what happened last year by again walking in the 4th of July parade with the San Juan Island Library. The theme of this year’s parade is Storybook Heroes.

What could be more fitting than for our brave Jessica to portray the heroine of her favorite book—Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, a Storybook Heroine also beloved by millions of other Hunger Games fans. Our Jessica and Katniss Everdeen—a heroic pairing, to be sure!

Everybody loves to dress up

To help make this an extra special celebration, the Library is inviting everyone to walk with us this year. From Jessica to Library staff and volunteers, we’ll all be portraying favorite characters from the twelve districts of The Hunger Games. Watch for us in the parade and see if you can guess who is being represented: Hunger Games contestants, Katniss’s family and friends like Prim or Haymitch, capitol citizens such as Cinna, Effie, the head gamemaker, the president … and representatives of the other 11 districts. There’ll be heroes--and a few villains--galore.

Everybody loves a good story

We’re also thrilled to announce that this year, Library Director Laurie Orton will be serving as one of the two Grand Marshals in honor of storybook heroes everywhere! Riding with her will be Margaret Barker, the new president of the Friends of the Library. Margaret also heads up St. David’s Day School, (making her no stranger to a whole world of storybook heroes, from Captain Underpants to Ms. Frizzle). I’m not going to spoil the surprise by telling you which storybook heroes Laurie and Margaret will be representing: to find out, you’ll just have to come to the parade!

Everybody loves the library

The Library participates in the 4th of July Parade as part of our commitment to our community. That’s why you see the Library at the parade, at the hot lunch served to seniors at the Mullis Center, at island schools private and public, at the County Fair, and more. We’re able to do all this as well as provide a 24/7 website with research tools, 55 hours of public service each week, computers for public use, programs for education and enrichment, and a great collection of materials you can borrow, because you, the voters, support the Library. And thanks to your support we have the resources to make sure everyone can discover life’s possibilities @ the Library. Thank you for your support.

By San Juan Island Library staff

1010 Guard Street
Friday Harbor, WA


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