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OnBuoy: An environmentally friendly way to reserve guest moorage

This boating season in the Pacific Northwest, there's a new way to find and reserve guest moorage that's not only convenient but also beneficial for the environment. OnBuoy, in its inaugural season, is an online community that connects boaters with hosts that are willing to share their private docks and mooring buoys.

OnBuoy tackles two major challenges facing PNW boaters: limited guest moorage and environmental damage caused by anchoring. With more boaters hitting the water than ever before, finding a safe and secure spot to tie up can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. Anchoring, while seemingly convenient, can harm sensitive ecosystems like eelgrass ecosystems. OnBuoy offers a solution by creating a network of underutilized private moorages, giving boaters more options for short-term stays and reducing the need to anchor.

"OnBuoy is a win-win for everyone," says Darren Austin, the Founder of OnBuoy. "Boaters get the peace of mind of a secure tie-up, moorage owners can offset maintenance costs, and the environment benefits from reduced anchor damage."

OnBuoy prioritizes safety by requiring every listing to have had a professional inspection within the past 13 months. Boaters can reserve their spot entirely online and hosts receive a portion of the booking fee to help with maintenance. Plus, OnBuoy donates a portion of its proceeds to local marine charities, ensuring that every booking makes a positive impact on the waterways we love.

Boaters and moorage owners can visit OnBuoy.com today to join the sustainable boating community for free!


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