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1st portion of Rosario Resort purchased for $6.5 million, sale recorded April 8

Sale of Rosario Resort on Orcas Island is being done in stages. The $6.5 million sale of the first portion was recorded April 8, 2024 in San Juan County. Empower Investing, a group of Orcas Islanders, is purchasing the historic resort and is planning on restoration and adding amenities. 

The Orcasian has posted a press release Historic Rosario Resort set for transformative revitalization, community enrichment, that touches on how Empower Investing is approaching the changes they foresee.

According to the press release: Empower will begin immediate operations of lodging, the marina, weddings and the event center with new reservations open and being accepted now. Empower is focused on plans to add many other amenities to the property and will announce them as they are ready.


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