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Remembering Debbie Grimes

This year, 2024, would have been Debbie Grimes’s 34th year of service to our community. Unfortunately, she passed away just shy of the new year, and we will miss her cheerful smile. 

Debbie passed away on December 20, 2023, surrounded by her family and friends at home. She served first as an EMT and then as a support officer. Over the course of her time with San Juan Island EMS, she put in countless hours serving our community. She will be missed by all. 

She had a natural ability to put elderly patients at ease. Responders who served with her remembered multiple occasions when a combative or difficult patient could be immediately calmed by Debbie’s natural ability to connect.  

Debbie will be remembered for many things, among them her laughter, her ability to put people at ease, her willingness to put others first, and for being an amazing mother to her son Austin. 

We want to thank Debbie’s family for sharing her with us, and extend our heartfelt gratitude for the role that she played here at San Juan Island EMS and our community. It was an honor.

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