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"Extreme Happiness" brightens up San Juan Fitness

Mary-Margaret “Memes” Bouwman is a Friday Harbor resident, wife, mother, muralist and more. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois with an emphasis in Painting. She has a colorful past in hosting and curating art events, owning a mural business, co-founding two circus troupes, all while maintaining her hand in cross-disciplinary design. For the past five years, Memes has been dedicated to raising her two young daughters and establishing roots on San Juan Island.

“In February of 2019, I noticed that some renovation work was happening at the Fitness Center and I spontaneously decided to go in and talk to Sam Leigh about their vision. I had hoped to help them in rebranding/reinvigorating the space. After a couple meetings, several proposal drawings, much creative brainstorming and a spark of inspiration from a dream that Sam had, the concept came together.

In February of this year, we got underway. Ultimately, the design diverted from our original plan and took shape as a vivid, energetic, crisp pattern of exhilarating color and movement. The completed mural, which the staff aptly titled, “Extreme Happiness”, has successfully captured a suggestion of an elevated heart rate while simultaneously celebrating my deep adoration for color and its ability to inspire, uplift and excite.

The process of working with Sam and Paul, painting late night and exploring capricious color relationships and then finding the amazing quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, has truly been such a rewarding experience!

“The Only Person You are Destined to Become, is the Person You Decide to Be”


This sentiment aligns so sweetly with where I am in my life presently; choosing to reemerge in our community as a Maker/Muralist/Designer. I am also choosing to reinvest in my health and wellness by becoming an active member at the Aquatics and Fitness Center. Not only have Sam, Paul and the staff made me feel like family, but now with the electric addition of the bright, bold and beautiful mural, It’s definitely a place I want to spend more time!”

Memes is for hire as a Muralist/Decorative Painter for Residential and Commercial spaces.

She can be contacted at makersheartcreations@gmail.com or 760-519-9625


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