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Wingate's latest novel wins award

Local author Susan Wingate has received one of the four finalist awards in the inspirational fiction category at the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for her latest novel, "The Deer Effect".

Wingate has been writing for 20 years and has published several novels before writing the Christian fantasy novel.

"I really had little to go on, aside from my deep faith, about writing for the Christian fiction market. I just prayed it would all turn out well. I had been leaning in this direction, this genre, for a while and finally said, 'What the heck! Just do it!' to coin Nike. I guess it's working a little. I hope God is happy. I know I am."

Wingate has two other Christian fiction titles in the works. One is a psychological suspense and the other is an end-of-days thriller.

More information about Wingate's books is available at You can learn more about Susan Wingate's books at  www.susanwingate.com/books

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