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Sheriff's Log San Juan Islands Nov. 8-14, 2023: Theft of money and honey, unauthorized signs and stickers placed on food, domestic violence

San Juan County Deputies responded to 168 calls from November 8-14, 2023 including: A Friday Harbor individual was trespassed from King's, Market Place, and the Brewery for placing unauthorized signs and stickers inside King's Market and Market Place foods. A Friday Harbor man was found to trespassing at the ferry terminal building after being previously trespassed. A report was taken and charges are being forwarded to the prosecuting attorney's office. Late night thieves driving a loud truck stole an egg box from a farm stand on Vista Road, Lopez Island. A Lopez resident reported the theft of honey and cash from their farm stand overnight.

The disposition codes are: ACT- active; ALS-Advanced life support; BLS - Basic Life Support; CIC - citation issued; CLO - closed; FAL - false; INA - inactive; NR - no report; UNF - unfounded; GOA - gone on arrival; FTA - failure to appear.


23-008771 Traffic Violation 08:00:01 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008772 Traffic Violation 08:05:34 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008773 Welfare Check 08:11:39 (San Juan Island) INA

23-008774 Welfare Check 08:56:36 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008775 Citizen Assist 10:03:58 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008776 Lost Property 10:20:09 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008777 Accident-NonInj 10:23:39 (San Juan Island) INA

Two vehicles were involved in a minor collision. Information was exchanged and a report was done. No infractions were issued.

23-008778 Controlled Substance Problem 10:31:10 (San Juan Island) UNF

23-008779 Theft 10:41:27 (Orcas Island) INA

A Deputy on Orcas Island took a stolen property complaint.

23-008780 Fraud 10:50:47 (San Juan Island) ACT

23-008781 Trespassing 10:58:03 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Island Deputy was dispatched to a trespassing call. The incident was documented.

23-008782 Domestic Dispute or Assault 10:59:39 (San Juan Island) INA

A Detective on San Juan Island responded to a report of domestic violence. The incident was investigated and was found to be verbal in nature and did not meet the requirements for a crime.

23-008783 Citizen Assist 11:23:54 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008784 Lost Property 11:29:37 (Orcas Island) INA

A Deputy on Orcas Island took a lost property complaint.

23-008785 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 12:09:10 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008786 Parking Problem 12:13:10 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008787 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 12:15:18 (San Juan Island) INA

A Friday Harbor individual was trespassed from King's, Market Place, and the Brewery for placing unauthorized signs and stickers inside King's Market and Market Place foods.

23-008788 Civil Problem 12:26:02 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008789 Court Order Violation 12:29:29 (San Juan Island) INA

A Friday Harbor was man reported to be violating his court ordered domestic violence no contact order. When deputies arrived, he was no longer on the premises. A report was taken and will be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney's office.

23-008790 Vicious Animal 12:35:58 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008791 Traffic Violation 12:37:59 (San Juan Island) CAA

A driver on San Juan Island was found operating a motor vehicle with a suspended driver's license. The case was referred to the prosecutor's office for charging.

23-008792 Juvenile Problem 13:28:00 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008793 Fraud 13:43:34 (San Juan Island) ACT

23-008794 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 13:56:45 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez Island Deputy was dispatched to a suspicious call in the village. The incident was documented.

23-008795 Domestic Dispute or Assault 14:11:03 (San Juan Island) INA

San Juan Deputies responded to a Friday Harbor residence report of a domestic in progress. An investigation determined a mother and her daughter were having a disagreement. A plan was put into place to help de-escalate the situation and the child was left in the care of mom.

23-008796 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 14:42:28 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island received a report of a suspicious person. The reporting party had personal items that were left on the property. This case is still under investigation.

23-008797 Trespassing 14:59:17 (San Juan Island) CAA

A Friday Harbor man was found to trespassing at the ferry terminal building after being previously trespassed. A report was taken and charges are being forwarded to the prosecuting attorney's office.

23-008798 Sick or Injured Animal 15:26:15 NR

23-008799 Animal at Large 15:30:40 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008800 Traffic Violation 16:54:25 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008801 Theft 17:32:57 (Lopez Island) ACT

23-008802 Civil Problem 17:51:23 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008804 Traffic Violation 19:08:42 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008805 Accident-NonInj 19:10:56 NR

23-008806 Parking Problem 21:36:21 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Island Deputy was dispatched to a parking problem. The incident was documented.


23-008807 Alarm 04:54:12 (Lopez Island) UNF

23-008808 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 06:10:43 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008809 Traffic Violation 07:29:10 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008810 Court Order Violation 08:12:33 (San Juan Island) ACT

23-008811 Citizen Assist 08:56:51 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008812 Citizen Assist 08:58:56 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008813 Traffic Violation 09:48:23 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008814 Parking Problem 11:09:20 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008815 Malicious Mischief 11:10:37 (San Juan Island) ACT

23-008816 VIN Inspection 11:48:57 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008817 Traffic Violation 12:06:43 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008818 Traffic Violation 12:32:29 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008819 Sick or Injured Animal 12:54:24 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008820 DUI 14:07:35 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008821 Citizen Assist 14:20:43 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008822 Court Order Violation 14:38:01 (San Juan Island) CAA

A deputy was dispatched to an Order Violation in the San Juan Island area. The deputy arrived and located the person on the property which was in violation of a DV Protection Order. The person was arrested and booked into custody for Order Violation.

23-008823 Harassment 14:42:29 (Orcas Island) INA

Deputies responded to an Orcas Residence on a report of an elderly person suffering from dementia who was becoming violent. Upon deputy arrival, the episode had passed and the patient was evaluated by EMS. The patient was left in the care of a capable adult.

23-008824 Harassment 15:30:51 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008825 Citizen Assist 15:32:58 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez Island Deputy was dispatched to a citizen assist call. The incident was documented.

23-008826 Welfare Check 15:45:27 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008827 Vehicle Theft 15:53:29 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008828 Alarm 16:54:14 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008829 Traffic Violation 17:00:33 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008830 Traffic Violation 17:46:50 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008832 Boating Problem 18:02:50 (Lopez Island) INA

23-008831 Traffic Violation 18:03:33 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008833 Mental Health 18:41:58 NR

23-008834 Trespassing 18:42:52 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008835 Civil Problem 18:46:34 (Orcas Island) INA

Civil papers were ordered to be served via electronic means to a respondent. The civil papers were sent, and confirmation on the receipt is being waited on.

23-008836 Death Investigation 19:38:35 (San Juan Island) INA

Deputies on San Juan Island were dispatched to a death investigation. A report was taken.

23-008837 Citizen Assist 20:04:24 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008838 Accident-HitRun 21:48:54 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez resident reported that a vehicle parked partially on the roadway was struck by another vehicle. A report was taken.

23-008839 Theft 22:34:54 (San Juan Island) NR


23-008840 Alarm 04:43:32 (Orcas Island) UNF

23-008841 Traffic Violation 07:34:26 (Lopez Island) INA

23-008842 Alarm 10:17:23 (San Juan Island) FAL

23-008843 Citizen Assist 11:09:55 (Lopez Island) INA

23-008844 Traffic Violation 11:45:14 (Lopez Island) INA

23-008845 Citizen Assist 11:49:09 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008846 Citizen Assist 12:57:06 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008847 Alarm 13:57:53 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008848 Citizen Dispute 14:05:27 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008849 Citizen Assist 15:49:23 (Shaw Island) INA

An Orcas Deputy called back a reporting party regarding neighborly issues on Shaw Island. An informational report was completed.

23-008850 Traffic Violation 16:04:37 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008851 Theft 16:42:14 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008853 Welfare Check 17:54:05 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008852 Traffic Violation 18:02:58 (San Juan Island) ACT

A deputy was traveling Southbound on Argyle Avenue when he observed a white pickup truck at a speed that appeared greater than the 25 mile per hour speed limit driving northbound. He checked my radar unit and confirmed the truck was traveling at 34 miles per hour.

23-008854 Citizen Assist 18:49:18 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008855 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 20:43:06 (Lopez Island) INA

23-008856 Traffic Hazard 21:04:24 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez Deputy and Public Works responded to a downed tree on Mackaye Harbor Road. The tree was removed and the road was cleared.

23-008857 Agency Assistance 21:16:11 INA

23-008858 Traffic Hazard 23:19:00 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008859 Missing Person 23:38:25 (Lopez Island) UNF


23-008860 Theft 00:30:53 (Lopez Island) INA

Late night thieves driving a loud truck stole an egg box from a farm stand on Vista Road, Lopez Island.

23-008861 Alarm 01:48:30 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008862 Alarm 01:54:22 (Lopez Island) FAL

23-008863 Welfare Check 03:18:56 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008864 Citizen Dispute 06:56:57 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008865 Trespassing 09:39:27 (San Juan Island) INA

A deputy was contacted by a local business to obtain a No Trespass Warning Letter on a person. The person was not at the location but a Warning Letter was prepared. The person will be served when located. Report taken.

23-008866 Traffic Violation 10:40:57 (Lopez Island) INA

23-008867 Traffic Violation 11:00:40 (Lopez Island) CIC

A Lopez resident was issued a traffic infraction for driving 52 mph in a 35 mph zone of Mud Bay Road.

23-008868 Theft 11:30:12 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez resident reported the theft of a package from their mailbox during the overnight hours.

23-008869 Weapons Noise 12:00:30 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008870 Trespassing 12:39:02 (San Juan Island) ACT

23-008871 Theft 13:53:28 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez resident reported the theft of honey and cash from their farm stand overnight.

23-008872 Traffic Violation 14:26:08 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008873 Found Property 15:11:22 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008874 Traffic Violation 15:49:59 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008875 Alarm 17:06:23 (San Juan Island) UNF

23-008876 Fall BLS 17:27:20 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008877 Animal Noise 19:19:05 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008878 Malicious Mischief 19:39:11 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez citizen reported finding their mailbox vandalized from the previous night.

23-008879 Alarm 19:55:24 (Lopez Island) NR

23-008880 Traffic Violation 20:25:03 (San Juan Island) ACT

23-008881 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 20:49:24 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008882 Traffic Violation 23:07:57 (Lopez Island) NR


23-008883 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 06:03:53 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008884 Traffic Violation 07:11:19 (Lopez Island) INA

23-008885 Litter/Pollution/Public Health 07:14:00 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez business reported illegal use of their dumpster over the weekend.

23-008886 Boating Problem 07:44:11 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008887 Traffic Violation 09:23:01 (Orcas Island) CIC

A Deputy on Orcas Island conducted a traffic stop. The driver was issued a notice of infraction for speeding, 42 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone.

23-008888 Malicious Mischief 10:15:09 (Orcas Island) UNF

23-008889 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 11:03:43 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008890 Trouble Unknown 11:47:00 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008891 Trouble Unknown 13:56:45 UNF

23-008892 Malicious Mischief 14:15:03 (Lopez Island) ACT

A Lopez Island deputy was dispatched to a vandalism call. A resident's mailbox was destroyed the prior week. The investigation is ongoing.

23-008893 Sex Offense 14:50:41 (Orcas Island) ACT

23-008894 Traffic Violation 15:24:36 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008895 Traffic Violation 15:59:39 (Lopez Island) INA

23-008896 Alarm 17:15:00 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008897 Traffic Violation 18:54:20 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008898 Vicious Animal 19:11:50 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008899 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 23:50:53 (San Juan Island) NR


23-008900 Malicious Mischief 09:29:28 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008901 Theft 09:36:33 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez resident report a street sign went missing over the weekend.

23-008902 Assault - Aggravated 09:50:57 (Lopez Island) CAA

A Lopez man was arrested for assault, harassment, and a court order violation.

23-008903 Traffic Hazard 10:41:15 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008904 Fraud 11:01:47 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008905 Sick or Injured Animal 11:07:16 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008906 Traffic Hazard 11:10:39 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008907 Traffic Violation 11:59:51 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008908 Traffic Violation 12:16:17 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008909 Traffic Violation 12:34:02 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008910 Citizen Assist 13:37:37 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008911 Vagrancy 14:03:45 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008912 Agency Assistance 14:54:37 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008913 Animal at Large 15:53:11 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008914 Sick or Injured Animal 16:35:35 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008915 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 18:08:57 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008916 Sick or Injured Animal 19:16:09 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008917 Welfare Check 19:28:54 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island received a report of a welfare check. The Deputy responded and observed that the person to be checked on was deceased inside of the residence. This case is still under investigation.

23-008918 Welfare Check 19:55:42 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008919 Citizen Dispute 20:28:35 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008920 Unwanted Person 21:01:57 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008921 Noise Complaint /not dogs 22:36:35 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008922 Noise Complaint /not dogs 23:13:09 (San Juan Island) NR


23-008923 Citizen Assist 08:42:42 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008924 Burglary - Residential 09:03:16 (Orcas Island) ACT

23-008925 Traffic Hazard 09:38:40 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008926 Agency Assistance 09:48:04 (San Juan Island) ACT

23-008927 Traffic Violation 10:28:29 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008928 Agency Assistance 10:50:28 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008929 Citizen Assist 10:57:25 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008930 Welfare Check 11:51:54 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008931 Found Property 13:12:54 (San Juan Island) INA

23-008932 Citizen Assist 14:13:38 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008933 Trespassing 14:35:52 (San Juan Island) NR

23-008934 Animal at Large 15:14:08 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008935 Accident-HitRun 15:29:52 (Orcas Island) INA

23-008936 Citizen Assist 17:02:13 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008937 Civil Problem 18:00:07 (Orcas Island) NR

23-008938 Agency Assistance 22:27:37 (San Juan Island) NR

Total Incidents for This Report: 168

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