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July 14 (runs to August 11): Island Stage Left presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Due to a case of COVID, opening night is postponed to Saturday, July 13.


"A Midsummer Night’s Dream “ marks 25 years of Island Stage Left's “Shakespeare under the Stars.” SO...

Leave behind this troubled world for a couple of hours and treat yourselves to Island Stage Left’s production of Shakespeare’s most popular play, where dreams, imagination, love and laughter await. As always, entrance is without charge, so bring the whole family. 

We have added a twist which we think the Bard would have approved, but we’re not telling you what it is yet. See it for yourself from July 11 - Aug 11. 

Please note day changes to July 23 & 24 due to Island Jam's annual festival.

To find solutions to the world’s problems, we all need to encourage and support creative and visionary thinking. We can only create solutions by first imagining them!

See you under the stars this summer....

P.S. ISL has no endowment, so donations are always welcome. We are proud to pay our professional actors and to offer theatre free of charge. To do that we forgo office staff, expensive sets and buildings and rely on our talented volunteers, because the one thing professional theatre can’t do without, is its actors. It can take place almost anywhere, without costumes, without lights, even in the rubble of war zones, and has done so - many times throughout history. but never without actors, theatre's life blood.

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